A Spotlight Players Production

Co-Directors: Mike Leonard & Christine deSimas
Assistant Director: Sonia Trench
Music Director: Justin Ryan
Choreographer: Emily Vascimini
Producer: Dot Gallop

Saturday, Jan 5th 1-3pm & Monday, Jan 7th, 7-9pm

LOCATION: The First Presbyterian Church of Matawan, Route 34 & Franklin Street, Matawan, NJ.

Please prepare your best musical theater genre song and bring sheet music. Wear comfortable clothing for a short dance section. There will be cold reads for select characters.

Auditions are open for those ages 9-90!

Rehearsals are Jan 9th – March 13th on most Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. Note that there will be a few Sunday and Friday rehearsal dates. Not all cast members will be required to attend every rehearsal.
Tech/Dress is March 9-13.
Show runs March 15-17 & March 22-24.

A musical adaptation of the 1987 Tom Hanks film of the same name, “Big” is about 13 year old Josh Baskin who is sick of being an awkward kid. At a carnival, he makes a wish to the Zoltar machine to become big. To his shock, his wish is granted. After an understandably awkward beginning, Josh is forced to do “adult” things like getting a job and a girlfriend. However, in the end, Josh realizes he should return to being a kid. He manages to find the Zoltar machine, who grants his wish and Josh is able to return to his mom and dad.

Josh Baskin: Male, 18-35: the story’s protagonist; he has the mind, spirit, and innocence of a 13-year-old trapped in the body of a 30-year-old; tenor.

Young Josh Baskin: Male, 11-13, obscure, seventh grade pre-teen who is frustrated by his parents and his age; unchanged voice.

Billy Kopecki: Male, 11-13, Josh’s best and most supportive friend; he is funny, optimistic, inventive, and encouraging; unchanged voice.

Mrs. Baskin: Female, 35-49, Josh’s frustrated, protective, and loving mother who is struggling with parenting a pre-teen; mezzo soprano with belt.

Cynthia Benson: Female 11-14 . Josh Baskin’s crush.

George MacMillan: Male, 50-69, the owner of the MacMillan Toy Company, who is fighting to save his company; distinguished and intimidating with a playful side underneath; spry and unpredictable, a powerful man who knows how to keep people on edge; also plays Zoltar, the devilish voice in an arcade game; bari-tenor.

Susan Lawrence: Female, 18-35, the attractive, business-oriented Vice President of Marketing at MacMillan Toy Company; smart, driven, and manipulative, she discovers her inner, secret, giddy school-girl innocence; she eventually falls for Josh; mezzo soprano with belt.

Paul Seymour/Mr. Baskin/Et Al: Male, 18-49, Paul is the Vice President for Product Development at MacMillan Toy Company vying for Susan’s affection, handsome, aggressive, self-absorbed; Mr. Baskin is Josh’s caring suburban father; this track may also play other various small roles throughout the show; baritone.

Versatile Utility Men: Male, 17-39, men who play a variety of roles ranging from hormonal teenage boys to uptight, middle-aged business executives; must be facile character actors who can play a broad range of ages, types, and personalities; strong versatile singers.

Versatile Utility Women: Female, 17-39, women who play a variety of roles ranging from fun-loving teenage girls to uptight, middle-aged business executives to concerned parents; must be facile character actresses who can play a broad range of ages, types and personalities; strong versatile singers.

Teenagers: Males & Females, 9-16, boys and girls to play a variety of kids’ roles, including Josh’s classmates and kids at the toy company Christmas.

* NOTE: Parents must be able to bring and stay with their child under 13 for all rehearsals.