The Butler Did It!


The Butler Did It ! by Tim Kelly

April 28th – May 7th
Fridays & Saturdays 8:00PM
Sundays 3:00 PM
Tickets: $20 / $15 Students & Seniors
Includes Complementary Refreshments at Intermission
(732) 583-7874 for reservations

This comedy parodies every English mystery play ever written: but it has a decidedly American flair. Miss Maple, a dowager with a reputation for “clever” weekend parties, invites a group of detective writers to eerie Ravenswood Manor on Turkey Island where they are to impersonate their fictional characters. The hostess has arranged all sorts of amusing incidents: a mysterious voice on the radio, a menacing face at the window, a mad killer on the loose. Who is that body in the wine cellar anyway? Why do little figurines keep toppling from the mantle? Then a real murder takes place, and Miss Maple is outraged. She offers an immense reward to the “detective” who can bring the killer to justice. And what an assortment of zany would-be sleuths! When they’re not busy tripping over clues, they trip over each other! Laughs collide with thrills, and the climax is a real seat-grabber as the true killer is unmasked, and almost everyone turns out to be someone else! Can be played as a pure farce, or as humorous satire.


HAVERSHAM – Chelsea Leonard
RITA – Sue Rauch, Amy Anson
MISS MAPLE – Dot Gallop, Amy Garland Goldman
FATHER WHITE – Cliff Greene
LOUIE FAN – David Clarke
RICK – Justin Stilo
LAURA – Sabrina Berg, April Maisano
CHARITY – Elise Leonard, Lauren Weiner